CRV Leonardo change of command

La Spezia (IT) -- The CRV Leonardo held a Change of Command ceremony on September 6th. Lt. (ITN) Loreta CIPRO assumed command of the ship, relieving Lt. (ITN) Erika GIANNETTA.

As the ship's third Italian Navy Commanding Officer, Lt. Giannetta led CRV Leonardo from September 2017. During Giannetta's tenure, CRV Leonardo successfully completed several deployments to include LOGMEC 17 (Long-term Glider Missions for Environmental Characterization) environmental campaign and a number of engineering trials in the Mediterranean Sea in support of CMRE's Programme of Work.

Often perfomed in the Ligurian Sea, engineering trials are essential to test the equipment and techniques that will be later used in the scientific trials. 

Pictures: 1. The change of command cerimony. 2. Dr. Catherine Warner, Director CMRE and the former CRV Leonardo's master, Lt. Erika Giannetta, ITA(N). 3. The CRV Leonardo off La Spezia.


Dr. Warner, Director CMRE Director, with the former CRV Leonardo's master, Lt. Giannetta, ITA(N) CRV Leonardo off La Spezia