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The new EU-funded project INFORE kicked off in January. INFORE addresses the challenges posed by huge datasets and will pave the way for real-time, interactive extreme-scale analytics and forecasting. MarineTraffic together with CMRE, will be leading the Maritime Use Case.

This Use Case aims to enhance Situational Awareness (SA) in the maritime domain, i.e. the ability to perceive and reason with activities, events and threats at sea while projecting them into the future, through large scale data fusion and real-time analytics. To this end, this use-case relies on constant fusion of “global views” of areas of interest, obtained from existing maritime surveillance systems (such as the Automatic Identification System) with “local” views, obtained from autonomous maritime vessels, acting as on-site sensing devices. 

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The goal is to extract in real-time valuable insights from the incoming data, forecast critical events of interest and facilitate proactivity, and ultimately improve Maritime Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.


For more information, visit the INFORE project  and the MarineTraffic web sites.