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Bar-La-Mare – GIONA Sea Trial, March 22, 2019. - The GIONA project is an initiative that involves several institution in the area of La Spezia aimed at promoting awareness, understanding, and the safeguarding of the marine environment among students. In the framework of a cooperation agreement with three local High Schools, some students and their teachers, tutored and assisted by CMRE personnel, had the chance to embark on board CRV Leonardo to conduct a real bio-acoustic research project.

After a planning phase spanning a few weeks, the activity at sea consisted in the deployment of three moorings in an area of Parco delle Cinque Terre, each one equipped with self-recording broadband digital hydrophone used to collect marine mammals’ acoustic data. The moorings were deployed for about one month. 

The GIONA team onboard CRV Leonardo

The students were involved in all operations at sea, within appropriate boundaries of safety, most notably in the pre-deployment deck preparations and tests of the moorings. Additionally, they were charged with the fundamental task of keeping a detailed log-book of all events. Thanks to the kind availability of CRV Leonardo Commanding Officer, TV Loreta Cipro and all the crew, the students had the unique opportunity to learn about NATO’s premier coastal research vessel, its main features, and take part in the type of operations it is commonly involved in with institutions from all over the NATO Alliance.

"The students demonstrated a high degree of enthusiasm and willingness to participate in all phases of the activity. I believe I speak for everyone involved in the project when I say that it was a real pleasure working for and with them"  says Dr. Alessandra Tesei, scientist in charge of the Project.