Slocum glider with a nose mounted passive sonar surveillance system


NATO STO CMRE organizes for the 6th time the successful Workshop on Military Applications of Underwater Glider Technology (6WMAUGT). It will take place at NATO STO CMRE facilities in La Spezia, Italy, on 12-14 November 2019.

All information about the 6WMAUGT (abstract submission, deadlines, topics, etc.) can be found on its web site:


where information from former WMAUGT events is also available.

The aim of the 6WMAUGT is to provide an opportunity for the personnel from the military, scientific, academic and industrial communities to present and discuss the state-of-the-art of unmanned underwater glider technology. It also opens the opportunity to discuss the relevant military and civilian applications this technology offers now and will offer in the future. 

Some topics that will be addressed in the 6WMAUGT are: 

  • Underwater glider being deployed on Arctic waters during the 2018 REP18 / High North cruiseIntegration in naval operations
  • Exploitation in Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) activities
  • Exploitation in Maritime Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (MISR) activities
  • Novel payloads and capabilities
  • Passive acoustic capabilities
  • TCPED interoperability: Interoperable ways for Tasking gliders and Collecting, Processing, Exploiting and Disseminating data/information
  • Sustained monitoring, characterization and surveillance of marine regions
  • Operations in remote and high-risk environments (e.g. high latitudes, A2/AD - Anti-Access/Area-Denial)
  • Interconnected fleets/networks
  • Risks and legal aspects

Abstract submission is already open. Its deadline is October 13th, 2019.