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The 1st Maritime Situational Awareness Workshop (MSAW) 2019 is approaching on 8–10 October 2019 and the programme is now available online.

The NATO STO-CMRE is organizing a workshop in Villa Marigola, Lerici (La Spezia), Italy to present and discuss advanced technologies, innovative concepts, and emerging scientific challenges with respect to current and future Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) operational needs. MSAW 2019 foresees productive collaboration and synergistic discussion among MSA specialists from technical and non-technical areas.

With the theme "Science and technology meet operational needs" MSAW 2019 will encourage engagement with operational experts and scientists from national governments, military, academia and industry to discuss their respective challenges regarding MSA. The main topics of the workshop are Big Data, Signal Processing, Data Fusion, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Maritime Unmanned Systems.

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