IET Research Paper Award

CMRE publication receives the IET 2019 Premium Award for Best Paper in Radar, Sonar & Navigation.

Gabriele Ferri, Andrea Munafò, Alessandra Tesei, Paolo Braca, Florian Meyer, Konstantinos Pelekanakis, Roberto Petroccia, João Alves, Christopher Strode and Kevin LePage have received the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) 2019 Premium Award for Best Paper in Radar, Sonar & Navigation. Premium Awards are given by the IET to recognize the best research papers published during the last two years.

The paper tilted, ‘Cooperative Robotic Networks for Underwater Surveillance: An Overview,’ was published in IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation (Volume: 11 , Issue: 12 , 12 2017). To read the paper, please visit:

The main thrust of this study is to review the underwater surveillance scenario within a framework of four research areas: underwater robotics, acoustic signal processing, tracking and distributed information fusion, and underwater communications networks. The paper describes recent results from CMRE in the four research areas as well as the progress that has been achieved and future challenges.

Underwater surveillance has traditionally been carried out by means of surface and undersea manned vessels equipped with advanced sensor systems. This approach is often costly and manpower intensive. Marine robotics is an emerging technological area that enables the development of advanced networks for underwater surveillance applications. In contrast with the use of standard assets, these advanced networks are typically composed of small, low-power, and possibly mobile robots, which have limited endurance, processing and wireless communication capabilities. When deployed in a region of interest, these robots can cooperatively form an intelligent network achieving high performance with significant features of scalability, adaptability, robustness, persistence and reliability. Such networks of robots can be the enabling technology for a wide range of applications in the maritime domain. However, they also introduce new challenges for underwater distributed sensing, data processing and analysis, autonomy and communications.

IET Chart

Top image: Harpo OEX AUV acting as receiver in the CMRE network during LCAS16 trial. The NRV Alliance research vessel and a submarine involved in the trial are also visible.