ERL Emergency 2020

The European Robotics League Emergency Robots (ERL-ER) Local Tournament will be held at CMRE from the 18-24 July 2020.

The competition is part of the European Robotics League (ERL) Season 2020-2021 and will include land and marine robots completing tasks that emergency response robots execute in a realistic emergency environment. The ERL Local Tournament challenges the autonomy and cooperation of robotic systems in a disaster response scenario. The 2020 scenario is as follows:

ERL Announce 2

An accident occurs in the harbour. A yacht is arriving in the harbour but something goes wrong and it hits a gas pipeline damaging it. The pipeline starts leaking and an explosion takes place. The massive explosion affects also the pipeline section on land and people that were in the docks area. There is the need for a quick and effective intervention. A robotics team composed of land (UGV) and underwater robots (AUV) is ready to intervene!

The marine portion of the competition will be held in a water basin and the land robots will operate in a rough outdoor setting with trees, bushes and a large building. Some of the tasks/functionalities that will be tested are:

  • underwater pipes and structure inspection;
  • object recognition;
  • underwater mannequin detection;
  • localization of a mannequin and rubble removal in the land area;
  • extinguishing a fire; and
  • adaptive mission planning.

The application, part 1 deadline for participants is March 15th 2020.  For more details and to apply, please visit: