Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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CMRE and nations test UUVs stealth properties in Unified Vision 2018 NATO and national Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms, such as NATO AWACS and USA MPA-P8, tested stealth properties of unmanned underwater vehicles at the sea surface. Tests done within the NATO live trial on ISR Unified Vision on June 2018. Read the Full Story
CMRE's Containerised MCM research capability joins national MINEXes The Autonomous Naval Mine CounterMeasures programme was embedded onboard GBR HMS Enterprise as part of SNMCMG2 for the ESP MINEX 18 and ITA MINEX 18, fielding two 21" AUVs demonstrating a next-generation MCM capability.   Read the Full Story
CMRE organized the Maritime Big Data Workshop The increase of the global maritime traffic and the activities exploiting the ocean resources have led to a series of technological innovations to ensure the safety and security of maritime navigation and guarantee the “blue growth”, so is named the growth of the maritime sector, is sustainable and inclusive.   Read the Full Story
Maritime Big Data Workshop On the 9th and 10th  of May CMRE will host the Maritime Big Data Workshop. Researchers, technology providers and institutions participating in main Maritime Big Data initiatives at European level will meet representatives of the operational community.   Read the Full Story
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